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Taking the next step

At Positive Wellness we specialize in working with adult women. Our goal is to provide our clients with a healing space to alleviate their symptoms. During this process, clients will explore and reframe negative beliefs that prevent them from achieving their ultimate goals by reprocessing trauma, developing mindfulness, and positive emotional health.

Areas of Concern:



Prenatal, Pregnancy, and Postpartum

Perinatal Bereavement



Self Esteem

Body Positivity

Coping skills



Improving Communication

Improving Relationships




Life Transitions


“My experience with Judy's counseling has been more than positive. I started my sessions with her almost a year ago, and the changes I’ve seen in myself, my relationships, and my life since then are a testament to how truly important access to GOOD mental health help is. Judy isn’t the kind of therapist to make you feel ashamed, or embarrassed. She creates a space where you feel safe to work through all the hard things that come with life. I appreciate her & her work so much, and I’m truly thankful for the support and access to tools and skills that I’ve used to create a better life for me.”

Judy has a strong heart and passion for helping you heal. Amazing outcomes.

Very helpful! I had never been to counseling before and had no idea what to expect. Judy made me feel at ease and ok to talk about what’s bothering me. I understand my feelings are valid and am able to express myself in my relationships!

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